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Attack of the 5″ Woman


Pulp FascinatorFor ourĀ friend’s bridal shower, the bride intended everyone to have a fascinator (and win a prize for the best one). Of course, me being me, I cannot let a DIY opportunity pass me by. Lacking funds on purchasing an overpriced centerpiece, I decided to make my own themed fascinator/hat with stuff lying around the house and a couple of items I picked up at the dollar store. I knew before purchasing trinkets that I wanted something pulp/horror themed. When I saw this busted ass doll, I knew I had to use her.


So I took inspiration from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Here’s some sketches. I’d like to think I stayed pretty true to them.

Hat Sketch

Unfortunately, I did not win. :( However I got enough compliments to know that inside my heart I won. Oh nepotism, it’s cool, the groom’s grandmother won it, but they tell me I should have gotten it anyways. That’s all that really matters. That and I made something that people got some enjoyment out of. To me, that’s always the best part.

Materials: Illustration board, print, felt, tweed, pipe cleaners, hot glue, dollar store toys, elastic.

Bibimbap Waffle = Bibimbaffle Sam Upgrade


This is actually an old post, however I would like to share it WITH THE WORLD. We had purchased a waffle maker a couple of years ago when a waffle party turned sour, WITHOUT A WAFFLE MAKER. Blasphemy.

I stumbled upon this website, I was hooked. Wafflemaker=more artistic panini press. My addiction to Korean food is no secret to anyone that knows me well, and this post had inspired me

Will it Waffle?

Bibimbaffle Original www.waffleizer.com

Ahh yes, Bibimbap. My college food go to in Calgary’s Chinatown. Kimchi House is the best place to get them. The size of bowl is great and you can’t beat the price.

Now as you can see in this photo, the essential ingredients are missing. MISSING. What I know of bibimbap, it’s a crime to leave out beansprouts, so I decided to do it some Sam justice and waffle-izeĀ it the way I would like it.



OHHHHH YEAAAAHHHHHH!!! Look at that red rice. Just how I like it. DELICIOUS! I will say that when I put the rice in the waffle maker, I had to add a bunch of oil so it wouldn’t stick, BUT it did create that lovely burnt crust of rice that stone bowls add to bibimbap.

If you have never tried Bibimbap, I highly encourage you to do so! Especially if you enjoy spicy food!

P3123887 P3123892

Weird Asian Snack: Corn Chee

the not sweet or savory Korean snack!

the not sweet or savory Korean snack!

We bought this a while ago, but I thought I would add it in. It’s a snack I got the Friday of the flood here in Calgary a couple of weeks ago from the E-Mart by our house while we were buying up some emergency ramen. I purchased it in hopes of something like Cartman’s Cheesy Poofs, however to my dismay, they tasted like mild corn pops with a white chocolate type cream topping. YEAH, a white chocolate smear right on every one of these curls. They weren’t overly sweet, and they had this taste about them that made me unsure of whether or not I liked them. They weren’t disgusting, so I kept on eating them in order to figure out how I felt about them.

2 weeks later, I still don’t know how I feel about these, but I know that I won’t be purchasing these babies again. Has ANYONE tried these weird thing out and liked them? Any other weird snack I should try out?