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More Box Office Progress

So here we go again. Close to the end! But I wanted to add an update! We installed some lights and it looks BOMB.

P1015367 P1015368 P1015369

Our moment of truth came through for us! No ditching the lights idea, because it fucking worked like a charm!

Next photos will probably be from the wedding. LATER BITCHES!

Box Office Progress

So it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted anything. My excuse was all this damned planning and building of this box office, while also applying for jobs, doing interviews. freelancing, and also, starting my new job (Yay!). Right now Chris and I are at a point of which we can say that the box office is at a good stage close to completion that I can start to relax and catch up on other things.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to my parent’s place and built up our frame

box office frame

It wasn’t too bad to put together, however the damned thing didn’t really fit in our Mazda6 wagon, so we had to re jig it. We ended up taking the long beam sandwiched in the middle out and having the two rectangle/triangle pieces separated and a free standing middle piece to support the weight. Unfortunately, didn’t mark that progress, but you know. Stuff.

Box office plans

Here’s a photo of the plans that I had created for myself for cutting out the pieces that I needed. Didn’t want to end up needing more foam core, and guess what, I AM FUCKING BOSS AT ESTIMATING MATERIALS. Used all the pieces of foam core. Only a wee bit of left over, but all of our big pieces were taken care of and I didn’t have to Frankenstein together some weird pieces to make one big piece.

Box office painting


This is just an example of some of the painting I did. Also the plans for real size to guestimate how the ping pong balls would look and how many I would need to put around the box office. I also used paint from Dollarama (which is better than the stuff from Dollar Tree FYI).


Box office transfer


So this photo demonstrates how I transferred the images to foam core. I used some Saral wax free yellow transfer paper (of which I got at Mona Lisa’s) which I had for transferring sewing patterns. I just printed out the image from the computer that I made in Illustrator and blew it up to actual size and tiled the pieces together. I then just transferred it using a knitting needle I had lying around. This wax transfer paper worked well. While painting over the guidelines, the yellow did not, not even once, muddy up my paint. I know with pencil/graphite I tend to get those gross greyed out places where the pigment reacts to the paint/binder, so I highly suggest this stuff. It stayed underneath my painting, never to rise again.



This picture is just a progress picture of what I got done before going to work when I couldn’t go to sleep because of worrying about this freaking project.


Box office 90% complete


Now this is a photo of everything coming together. All those fucking circles, I am so happy I did not have to cut them out. I delegated that task to poor chris. I feel bad, but he made those circles perfect. I would have not been (and have not even decently achieved) as successful as Chris was with those things. We ended up getting the Olfa compass circle cutter from Sew Much More to cut these circles out.

Circles. In foam core. FML. Just a sad memory from ACAD I do not want to relive.

We were lucky that we sourced some shitty ping pong balls from Dollar Tree. 8/$1.25, and they were the crappy kind, so they were great for this project. Easy to cut and had a seam in the middle. Not optimum for playing ping pong, but definitely great for crafts. Just wanted to let people know that they had them there since I was concerned about finding something as suitable as ping pong balls for the lights. I also grabbed some led lanterns which will be housed in the box to light these up.


Here’s more photos.


God our living room is a fucking mess. But, it will be cleaned once we’re all finished with this thing and Michelle’s wedding comes up (which is this coming Saturday). The only thing that we need to do from this point on is install the lights, cover the inside with a shit-ton of tin foil and attach those middle pieces, and the starburst, and figure out how to install the diamond with ease for transport. From this point on, probably a good 6 hours, but we’ve decided to take it easy and play some well deserved Mario Kart 8.

Airbrushing Edges




I had ordered my business cards a while ago, and I ordered quite a bit, probably more than I actually needed, but hey Jukeboxprint.com did a pretty good job of helping me out with these. I wanted painted edges, but unfortunately the artwork on my business cards didn’t lend itself well to those kinds of papers, and I wasn’t ready to splurge more than $100 for this set, especially as an just starting out freelance graphic designer.

As for those cool ass edges of bright colour to help out my business cards stand out, I was initially just marking them up with Prismacolor markers, but I found that over time, the edges would bleed and would look really amateur. Some people would probably have never noticed (which is what I was hoping for), but when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew i had to try it out.

Chris Wood on Behance

I first tested with some spray paint that I had on hand, some gold, and then some lime. I used only one clamp and found that it had bled between the cards just a little, so I ended up using 2 clamps and it was magic.


I wanted to colours that I had originally used on my cards, so I went out to Modelland (which is very conveniently placed 3 blocks away from my apartment) and grabbed up these paints. These paints ran my just under $10 all together. I decided to get these since I already had a paintbrush, and I find that spray painting with control is difficult for me. Also most model shops will carry a larger array of colours vs. your Home Depot. These took up no space in my little studio, my basket of spray paint is getting kind of messy.


So the process was quite simple. Clamp and paint and dry.  My tips would be:

1. Clamp tight, you want the cards to be one smooth block

2. Don’t spray paint too much, just a little bit at a time, don’t want the paper to soak up the ink, you can paint in coats, but 1-2 coats was enough for me, depending on the colour.


I’m lucky that I have quite a few things that I can use for these DIYs. Definitely something I would do for a client if need be. I think next time I might tackle a gradient with the airbrush to achieve a different effect. Good luck!