there’s fabric here from over 10 years ago, when I first started sewing…. I’ll wait another 10 years, and then it’ll be cool.

I figured I would start with an actual post with actual content today. Today I will show you… MY STASH. No drugs, but kind of an obsession with any sewer I know. FABRIC. So many patterns and colours that imbue their light of inspiration to many a sewer. You touch a bolt of fabric and instantly you imagine yourself wearing a new pair of shorts or a new dress.

I have been pretty successful at keeping my hoard to a minimum (especially while looking at those picture on google of other people’s stashes), however I have kept my fabric in sad, large, and opaque rubbermaid containers. Everytime I wanted to make something, I had to dig through a pile of mess. You have no idea how elated I was to find this fabric organization solution on Pintrest. Not only does it keep everything neat, but it also allows me to look at all my fabric in a single glance.

This project is quite simple. I purchased a KILBY bookcase from IKEA for $39.99, and i spray painted the back panel a lime green. I took some leftover foam core and cardboard from school and cut it to the appropriate sizes for each shelves. I then wrapped fabric around the cards and fastened them with a pin. It did take me a while (one night and one morning) but it got done, and I am happy that I did.

this is where my fabric rolls! BWAHAHAH I’m punny…

Notice… this is where I sit when I sew. All I have to do is do a shoulder check and I can see ALL my fabric in it’s GLORY!! Hopefully those of you out there have figured out a good method of stashing away your goodies without forgetting them.