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The Golden Ramen Pot

So this is also an older post, these pictures were sitting in my camera for a while until I had time to document my findings.

Golden Ramen Pot

I had purchased this pot from the E-Mart down the street from me, and it was only $7 (on sale from $10 I’m sure). Seeing these in many Korean dramas (Dramafever haaay….) and seeing them eat ramen out of this thing, I know I needed this thing. Surprise surprise, I opened it up only to reveal…

Spicy Ramen

Not only one, but TWO, two packages of delicious Shin Ramyun. Apparently the purpose of this pot is specifically only for ramen, as it is thin and heats up quickly.

So I did what any Korean drama loving whore would do and ate my ramen from the lid. It’s nice! You get to cool down the noodles before you eat them. GENIUS.



I basically followed her lead on the recipe, but I did add some fish cakes I had in the freezer and some homemade kimchi hanging out in the fridge.

Ahh ramen. I didn’t finish it, but the Noodle King (aka Chris) finished it off.

Bibimbap Waffle = Bibimbaffle Sam Upgrade


This is actually an old post, however I would like to share it WITH THE WORLD. We had purchased a waffle maker a couple of years ago when a waffle party turned sour, WITHOUT A WAFFLE MAKER. Blasphemy.

I stumbled upon this website, I was hooked. Wafflemaker=more artistic panini press. My addiction to Korean food is no secret to anyone that knows me well, and this post had inspired me

Will it Waffle?

Bibimbaffle Original www.waffleizer.com

Ahh yes, Bibimbap. My college food go to in Calgary’s Chinatown. Kimchi House is the best place to get them. The size of bowl is great and you can’t beat the price.

Now as you can see in this photo, the essential ingredients are missing. MISSING. What I know of bibimbap, it’s a crime to leave out beansprouts, so I decided to do it some Sam justice and waffle-izeĀ it the way I would like it.



OHHHHH YEAAAAHHHHHH!!! Look at that red rice. Just how I like it. DELICIOUS! I will say that when I put the rice in the waffle maker, I had to add a bunch of oil so it wouldn’t stick, BUT it did create that lovely burnt crust of rice that stone bowls add to bibimbap.

If you have never tried Bibimbap, I highly encourage you to do so! Especially if you enjoy spicy food!

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