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The Golden Ramen Pot

So this is also an older post, these pictures were sitting in my camera for a while until I had time to document my findings.

Golden Ramen Pot

I had purchased this pot from the E-Mart down the street from me, and it was only $7 (on sale from $10 I’m sure). Seeing these in many Korean dramas (Dramafever haaay….) and seeing them eat ramen out of this thing, I know I needed this thing. Surprise surprise, I opened it up only to reveal…

Spicy Ramen

Not only one, but TWO, two packages of delicious Shin Ramyun. Apparently the purpose of this pot is specifically only for ramen, as it is thin and heats up quickly.

So I did what any Korean drama loving whore would do and ate my ramen from the lid. It’s nice! You get to cool down the noodles before you eat them. GENIUS.



I basically followed her lead on the recipe, but I did add some fish cakes I had in the freezer and some homemade kimchi hanging out in the fridge.

Ahh ramen. I didn’t finish it, but the Noodle King (aka Chris) finished it off.

Two Tickets to Paradise

This post is actually about the box office I’m creating for our friend’s wedding. I wanted to at least blog and document the process design-y that wasn’t work related. I think it’s interesting to read and look at someone else’s process. Ah yes, James Jean’s Process Recess’ were always one of my favourites. That and that man can make pretty pictures.

To start, the information I was given was what this was for (guest entry, ticket dispensing), and the dimensions. I didn’t fiddle with the measurements at first, but instead wanted to get the feel for this thing so I could get a start on what this thing should be like.

Box Office Sketch 01

I didn’t actually have to do anymore sketches according to the clients. They immediately said yes, this is the box of my dreams. You are a god in human form, carry on.

From this point I was prompted to come up with a budget for this thing. OMG I don’t know how to come up with something like that without coming up with the plans (and thus materials and amounts), so I plowed through an evening coming up building specs and  the amount of materials and prices.

This thing is top heavy (I had already decided on installing lights on top), and so a steady frame would have to be made. These are a few of the sketches of how that would have to come about. Chris helped me immensely on this part, since I hardly work with any wood or structures.

box office sketch 02

We also had to come up with practical use solutions. How tall this should be, ratios, how tall the window should be to be comfortable for all people involved (ticket people/guests). It should be comfortable for average height (being 5’0, I do not fit into this category), has to fit in the space (8 feet ceilings), and has to transportable. So many factors!

We decided the dimensions from these factors and I mocked up a model to scale.

box office sketch 03

Which then corresponded to the computer.


This is the final comp I have come with at the moment. There’s definitely a few more things I need to refine, but I am happy with this result thus far. My plan is to keep it BADASS. I will be keeping up with progress at it comes along!


Attack of the 5″ Woman


Pulp FascinatorFor our friend’s bridal shower, the bride intended everyone to have a fascinator (and win a prize for the best one). Of course, me being me, I cannot let a DIY opportunity pass me by. Lacking funds on purchasing an overpriced centerpiece, I decided to make my own themed fascinator/hat with stuff lying around the house and a couple of items I picked up at the dollar store. I knew before purchasing trinkets that I wanted something pulp/horror themed. When I saw this busted ass doll, I knew I had to use her.


So I took inspiration from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Here’s some sketches. I’d like to think I stayed pretty true to them.

Hat Sketch

Unfortunately, I did not win. :( However I got enough compliments to know that inside my heart I won. Oh nepotism, it’s cool, the groom’s grandmother won it, but they tell me I should have gotten it anyways. That’s all that really matters. That and I made something that people got some enjoyment out of. To me, that’s always the best part.

Materials: Illustration board, print, felt, tweed, pipe cleaners, hot glue, dollar store toys, elastic.

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas; A Reflection Into My Ghetto Past

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Back in the days of being a poor student (circa 2010), Christmas presents had to be.. creative and cheap. Only made sense since.. you know… art school. Anyhoo, $10 Graphic tees from Threadless for everyone (12 people at least) made the most sense.

The packaging (I don’t know how obvious) was inspired by yarn packaging. I printed this out of my printer on kraft paper (which I now know you can get at the dollar store!), and then wrapped together and hole punched for the holes and added some festive yarn to tie it together. I guess the most notable thing about this packaging is my shameless use of the most foul parts of the English language. If anyone knows me well, it’s that I have the mouth of a sailor. The point of these was to look really nice from far away (under the tree), until you actually get up close and realize how horrible these things really were.

Now this has started a trend in the family of getting everyone graphic tees for Christmas. I don’t blame them, it’s cheap and everyone likes to wear t-shirts, even if it ends up being a home shirt. These were done before I really knew how to use my camera (which right now is just.. enough), so I did my best to edit these in Photoshop as best I could otherwise.


I am always up for anything that is delightfully deceiving. Please add a comment on how you’ve been a delightful naughty child.