Oh, the weight game. I feel like I always pull the card that makes you go two steps back. Of course it’s my own fault, but you know, birthdays, Christmas, people telling you to make food that no one else can make. Beh.

Anyways, to restart my atkins/low carb/keto adventure, I decided to try some new recipes. Good ol’ Google led me to a few new sites divvying out recipes for my easily bored palate.

Plate o food

Balsamic Orange Beets, Thai Salad, Thai Low Carb Peanut Chicken

Here’s whats on the plate

Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze from Simply Recipes

Thai Salad with Spicy Dressing from Nourishing Gourmet

Thai Style Low Carb Peanut Chicken from Ruled.me


I know that beets are not low carb AT ALL. They are the source of most of the sugar in North America, but I needed to use them up since they were sitting in the fridge for a week.

Honestly, I did not cook these verbatim. My biggest thing with these “thai” recipes that I had a problem with was the lack of fish sauce. I have never cooked or made any thai dish (other than desserts) that do not include fish sauce. Luckily being the filipino that I am, that stuff is readily available to me, and I added it as I saw fit. The only other change what that I used almonds instead of the peanuts in the Peanut Chicken as well as added coconut milk to fix the consistency. Knowing that I have an issue with peanuts (diet-wise, they oddly make me crave more food than I usually consume), I subbed them for slivered almonds in the processor.

I do believe variety is the key to a successful diet. Also, the ability to make vegetables taste delicious.

Hope you try out these recipes out too when your stuck in a rut!