The Golden Ramen Pot

So this is also an older post, these pictures were sitting in my camera for a while until I had time to document my findings.

Golden Ramen Pot

I had purchased this pot from the E-Mart down the street from me, and it was only $7 (on sale from $10 I’m sure). Seeing these in many Korean dramas (Dramafever haaay….) and seeing them eat ramen out of this thing, I know I needed this thing. Surprise surprise, I opened it up only to reveal…

Spicy Ramen

Not only one, but TWO, two packages of delicious Shin Ramyun. Apparently the purpose of this pot is specifically only for ramen, as it is thin and heats up quickly.

So I did what any Korean drama loving whore would do and ate my ramen from the lid. It’s nice! You get to cool down the noodles before you eat them. GENIUS.



I basically followed her lead on the recipe, but I did add some fish cakes I had in the freezer and some homemade kimchi hanging out in the fridge.

Ahh ramen. I didn’t finish it, but the Noodle King (aka Chris) finished it off.


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