I Am SOOOO Glad That This Got Made

My ear obsession right now are podcasts. Man I can listen to those AT ALL TIMES. I think it has to do with the fact that we live in an apartment. Listening and enjoying music is quite difficult when you can’t make a lot of noise because you know your neighbours can hear you. I’m trying to be nice and not belt some old school Joe while cleaning the house, so podcasts are definitely the best.

Look at how crappy this image is. This is how you know how good this show is.

My favourite to listen to right now is How Did This Get Made. It’s HILARIOUS, especially if you love/hate movies. They even have a nice balance between people and opinions, while still having a great laugh at terrible movies. Because of this podcast, I have recently watched such atrocities such as Sharknado, The Super Mario Bros, and Burlesque.


Another goodie that is worthy of your ears is Risk! I personally love it, stories about the human experience from their own point of view that are far beyond anything that is appropriate for This American Life or RadioLab. There’s lots about personal stories of sex, sexual orientation, near death experiences and even outer body experience told first person. I am always interested in the way others perceive the world (for better or for worse) and sometimes it makes you feel pretty good about yourself by making your own feelings more normal. BTW, if you like these guys, they sound poor. Please donate! When I get more monies in the bank (more of a full time job yes) then I will give them some monies.

Caustic Soda Podcast

One of Chris’ favourites (and mine of course) is Caustic Soda. Chris and I listened to Caustic Soda for the majority of our California road trip. Caustic Soda is just a few guys talking about a singular topic (per podcast) giving you the most interesting rundown on these topics from a layman’s perspective. Some of my favourites are Toys that Kill, Rasputin, and Mormonism. They taught me that the backstory/universe of Battlestar Galactica is actually based on the Book of Mormon.

That is all for now! Gotta keep some of the goodies to myself!



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