The Chiffony Chiffon Dress

Chiffon Dress 2013

So this is also an oldie. Made this back in 2013 for a summer wedding I went to. Don’t know if anyone can tell, but I’m just scrambling feverishly to add content to my blog. I’ve documented a few things that I’ve created and I constantly have to describe them to people. Screw it, so many people have cell phones nowadays, this is just easier, and might as well do it while I have the space on the internet. Refer people to my blog–>become internet famous. Hahahahah, that isn’t how it works, but a girl can dream.


This project is also posted on Craftsy, where the pattern for this is actually based on a dress from there. You can take a whole online class to step by step show you how to make the dress.

This is the original dress that I made in the summer of 2012 for the bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding.

The instructor for this class is AMAZING. She is the reason why I started to do a lot of hand-sewing and basting and using some old school slow ass couture techniques to make my dresses fit me EXACTLY. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their sewing skills.


As for how to make this dress, its the same bodice, and I just added a dirndl skirt to the bottom, and created that as the underlay for the chiffon that I had just hand tacked on (I don’t want to call it draping, I feel like I don’t know how to do that). This is how I economized 1.5m of chiffon. The fabric is actually from my boyfriend’s mother, who bought it while she was in New York and I asked on a whim for her to get me something cool. Man I was hoping for some cotton blends, and once again, whenever I get someone else to get me fabric, its freaking chiffon.

I don’t mind working with the stuff, but I have a hard time cutting it up because it is sooo pretty, and it is so easy to tear, and man I did have a couple of pulls near the side of the bodice. Because the patten of the fabric was so busy, no one saw them, but I knew in my heart of hearts that they were there. I got one more dress that I made as a variant of this pattern (it’s seriously so freaking versatile), and in that one I learned how to pad out the bra so I wouldn’t have to wear a strapless with it, and it worked.


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