Merry Fuckin’ Christmas; A Reflection Into My Ghetto Past

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Back in the days of being a poor student (circa 2010), Christmas presents had to be.. creative and cheap. Only made sense since.. you know… art school. Anyhoo, $10 Graphic tees from Threadless for everyone (12 people at least) made the most sense.

The packaging (I don’t know how obvious) was inspired by yarn packaging. I printed this out of my printer on kraft paper (which I now know you can get at the dollar store!), and then wrapped together and hole punched for the holes and added some festive yarn to tie it together. I guess the most notable┬áthing about this packaging is my shameless use of the most foul parts of the English language. If anyone knows me well, it’s that I have the mouth of a sailor. The point of these was to look really nice from far away (under the tree), until you actually get up close and realize how horrible these things really were.

Now this has started a trend in the family of getting everyone graphic tees for Christmas. I don’t blame them, it’s cheap and everyone likes to wear t-shirts, even if it ends up being a home shirt. These were done before I really knew how to use my camera (which right now is just.. enough), so I did my best to edit these in Photoshop as best I could otherwise.


I am always up for anything that is delightfully deceiving. Please add a comment on how you’ve been a delightful naughty child.


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