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More Box Office Progress

So here we go again. Close to the end! But I wanted to add an update! We installed some lights and it looks BOMB.

P1015367 P1015368 P1015369

Our moment of truth came through for us! No ditching the lights idea, because it fucking worked like a charm!

Next photos will probably be from the wedding. LATER BITCHES!

Attack of the 5″ Woman


Pulp FascinatorFor our friend’s bridal shower, the bride intended everyone to have a fascinator (and win a prize for the best one). Of course, me being me, I cannot let a DIY opportunity pass me by. Lacking funds on purchasing an overpriced centerpiece, I decided to make my own themed fascinator/hat with stuff lying around the house and a couple of items I picked up at the dollar store. I knew before purchasing trinkets that I wanted something pulp/horror themed. When I saw this busted ass doll, I knew I had to use her.


So I took inspiration from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Here’s some sketches. I’d like to think I stayed pretty true to them.

Hat Sketch

Unfortunately, I did not win. :( However I got enough compliments to know that inside my heart I won. Oh nepotism, it’s cool, the groom’s grandmother won it, but they tell me I should have gotten it anyways. That’s all that really matters. That and I made something that people got some enjoyment out of. To me, that’s always the best part.

Materials: Illustration board, print, felt, tweed, pipe cleaners, hot glue, dollar store toys, elastic.

The Chiffony Chiffon Dress

Chiffon Dress 2013

So this is also an oldie. Made this back in 2013 for a summer wedding I went to. Don’t know if anyone can tell, but I’m just scrambling feverishly to add content to my blog. I’ve documented a few things that I’ve created and I constantly have to describe them to people. Screw it, so many people have cell phones nowadays, this is just easier, and might as well do it while I have the space on the internet. Refer people to my blog–>become internet famous. Hahahahah, that isn’t how it works, but a girl can dream.


This project is also posted on Craftsy, where the pattern for this is actually based on a dress from there. You can take a whole online class to step by step show you how to make the dress.

This is the original dress that I made in the summer of 2012 for the bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding.

The instructor for this class is AMAZING. She is the reason why I started to do a lot of hand-sewing and basting and using some old school slow ass couture techniques to make my dresses fit me EXACTLY. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their sewing skills.


As for how to make this dress, its the same bodice, and I just added a dirndl skirt to the bottom, and created that as the underlay for the chiffon that I had just hand tacked on (I don’t want to call it draping, I feel like I don’t know how to do that). This is how I economized 1.5m of chiffon. The fabric is actually from my boyfriend’s mother, who bought it while she was in New York and I asked on a whim for her to get me something cool. Man I was hoping for some cotton blends, and once again, whenever I get someone else to get me fabric, its freaking chiffon.

I don’t mind working with the stuff, but I have a hard time cutting it up because it is sooo pretty, and it is so easy to tear, and man I did have a couple of pulls near the side of the bodice. Because the patten of the fabric was so busy, no one saw them, but I knew in my heart of hearts that they were there. I got one more dress that I made as a variant of this pattern (it’s seriously so freaking versatile), and in that one I learned how to pad out the bra so I wouldn’t have to wear a strapless with it, and it worked.

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas; A Reflection Into My Ghetto Past

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Back in the days of being a poor student (circa 2010), Christmas presents had to be.. creative and cheap. Only made sense since.. you know… art school. Anyhoo, $10 Graphic tees from Threadless for everyone (12 people at least) made the most sense.

The packaging (I don’t know how obvious) was inspired by yarn packaging. I printed this out of my printer on kraft paper (which I now know you can get at the dollar store!), and then wrapped together and hole punched for the holes and added some festive yarn to tie it together. I guess the most notable thing about this packaging is my shameless use of the most foul parts of the English language. If anyone knows me well, it’s that I have the mouth of a sailor. The point of these was to look really nice from far away (under the tree), until you actually get up close and realize how horrible these things really were.

Now this has started a trend in the family of getting everyone graphic tees for Christmas. I don’t blame them, it’s cheap and everyone likes to wear t-shirts, even if it ends up being a home shirt. These were done before I really knew how to use my camera (which right now is just.. enough), so I did my best to edit these in Photoshop as best I could otherwise.


I am always up for anything that is delightfully deceiving. Please add a comment on how you’ve been a delightful naughty child.

Airbrushing Edges




I had ordered my business cards a while ago, and I ordered quite a bit, probably more than I actually needed, but hey did a pretty good job of helping me out with these. I wanted painted edges, but unfortunately the artwork on my business cards didn’t lend itself well to those kinds of papers, and I wasn’t ready to splurge more than $100 for this set, especially as an just starting out freelance graphic designer.

As for those cool ass edges of bright colour to help out my business cards stand out, I was initially just marking them up with Prismacolor markers, but I found that over time, the edges would bleed and would look really amateur. Some people would probably have never noticed (which is what I was hoping for), but when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew i had to try it out.

Chris Wood on Behance

I first tested with some spray paint that I had on hand, some gold, and then some lime. I used only one clamp and found that it had bled between the cards just a little, so I ended up using 2 clamps and it was magic.


I wanted to colours that I had originally used on my cards, so I went out to Modelland (which is very conveniently placed 3 blocks away from my apartment) and grabbed up these paints. These paints ran my just under $10 all together. I decided to get these since I already had a paintbrush, and I find that spray painting with control is difficult for me. Also most model shops will carry a larger array of colours vs. your Home Depot. These took up no space in my little studio, my basket of spray paint is getting kind of messy.


So the process was quite simple. Clamp and paint and dry.  My tips would be:

1. Clamp tight, you want the cards to be one smooth block

2. Don’t spray paint too much, just a little bit at a time, don’t want the paper to soak up the ink, you can paint in coats, but 1-2 coats was enough for me, depending on the colour.


I’m lucky that I have quite a few things that I can use for these DIYs. Definitely something I would do for a client if need be. I think next time I might tackle a gradient with the airbrush to achieve a different effect. Good luck!


1898 Hat for 2014 Manhead: THE COMPLETION

I actually finished this hat the same day I posted the pt.2 post. Only thing was that the boyfriend left the house with the hat by the time I woke up. Anyways, here’s the finished product.

Finished 1898 Hat 01

Finished! Excuse the light from the blinds, I thought it was more “dramatic”

1898 Hat Finished 02

Full Frontal!

1898 Hat Finished 03

Looking towards the setting sun

Hope  you all enjoy, and visit Ravelry for the pattern!


Part 1

Part 2

1898 Hat for 2014 Man Head Pt.2

Here I am with last night’s progress. I grafted together the seams (poorly I would say, but its okay, it’s in the back), using a kitchner stitch. I also picked up the stitches afterwards, and I ended up picking up 87 stitches, so I decreased stitches to 84 in 4 rounds.

1898 Hat Progress

Almost finished!


I only have about 1/2″ to knit before I start the decreases to the top. Should be finished by this evening!

Part 1


1898 Hat for 2014 Man Head pt. 1

Partially knitted headband

It all started when my boyfriend needed a hat way back when. I had made a simple touque for myself while in Fernie while giving my friend a ride for his sister’s graduation. Having nothing to do, knitting seemed like the best thing to do since Fernie houses a small yarn boutique. My boyfriend wore that one for about a year and decided to throw that in the wash. We all know what happens to wool in the wash. The second had I had made for him was made out of acrylic so that one lasted a lot longer.

Last week, my boyfriend and I mysteriously started to lose all of our winter gear. I had lost 2 pairs of mittens in 2 days. Ridiculous. Anywho, he lost the hat I had made him. It made him sad, but I didn’t feel too bad since he didn’t pick anything out in particular when I decided to make it for him.

I decided that I would let him pick what he wanted off of Ravelry and this is what he came up with. A free pattern from the Seaman’s Church Institute. Here’s the free pdf.

1898 Hat

© Kristine Byrnes


So, upon reading the instructions, I was unfortunately very confused. Lots of terms I had no idea about. I figured it would mean I would have to navigate knitting it and just figuring it out along the way. I decided to google it just in case someone else had blogged about the process. To my surprise, the creator of the pattern had uploaded a video since there were others in the same boat as me.


Lucky me.


Partially knitted headband

Working on the headband

So here’s progress of what I’ve done as of last night.

Headband sideways

Headband sideways, see how it doubles over

I’ve used size 7 needles, in Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool in Maple Tweed. I’m quite impressed with the pattern itself. At this point it seems well engineered for knitting ease. More than 95% of the stitches are knit. My only advice at this point if you’re starting this pattern is to USE MARKERS. In the video she says that you can get away with not using them after you’ve established that section, but for me that created a headache and mistakes. Markers made it easy for me to know when to pay attention to what I was doing.

Maple Tweed Wool

Fisherman’s Wool in Maple Tweed from Lion Brand

Look at my pretty homemade markers. It’s nice to have your piece always looking special, even in the middle stages. Definitely insures motivation for me to work on it.


DIY Markers from odds and ends from home

Hopefully I’ll be finished the headband, probably tonight, and I’ll start the crown of the hat tomorrow. Honestly, I do not look forward to picking up 84 stitches.

Part 2



How Did It All Fit In There?!


there’s fabric here from over 10 years ago, when I first started sewing…. I’ll wait another 10 years, and then it’ll be cool.

I figured I would start with an actual post with actual content today. Today I will show you… MY STASH. No drugs, but kind of an obsession with any sewer I know. FABRIC. So many patterns and colours that imbue their light of inspiration to many a sewer. You touch a bolt of fabric and instantly you imagine yourself wearing a new pair of shorts or a new dress.

I have been pretty successful at keeping my hoard to a minimum (especially while looking at those picture on google of other people’s stashes), however I have kept my fabric in sad, large, and opaque rubbermaid containers. Everytime I wanted to make something, I had to dig through a pile of mess. You have no idea how elated I was to find this fabric organization solution on Pintrest. Not only does it keep everything neat, but it also allows me to look at all my fabric in a single glance.

This project is quite simple. I purchased a KILBY bookcase from IKEA for $39.99, and i spray painted the back panel a lime green. I took some leftover foam core and cardboard from school and cut it to the appropriate sizes for each shelves. I then wrapped fabric around the cards and fastened them with a pin. It did take me a while (one night and one morning) but it got done, and I am happy that I did.

this is where my fabric rolls! BWAHAHAH I’m punny…

Notice… this is where I sit when I sew. All I have to do is do a shoulder check and I can see ALL my fabric in it’s GLORY!! Hopefully those of you out there have figured out a good method of stashing away your goodies without forgetting them.