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Getting Rid of Stuff Part 1 BOOKS!

We’re finally moving! At the end of the month, we’ll be moving into a townhome. HURRAY! MY OWN ENSUITE LAUNDRY! I am SUPER excited!

In the spirit of moving and not carrying around baggage, we’re getting rid of stuff. Tonnes of things I’ve accumulated since school, and things that just have not proven useful.

I’ll probably be purging some kitchen gadgets/appliances/utensils, paint supplies, clothing, etc! So stay tuned if you’re interested!

Here’s all the books I’m getting rid of. My plan, donate to friends/family, sell what I think might sell, donate the rest.




Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Design Basics Index, Art as Design, Design as Art , Liminal, Movie Poster


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Art Nouveau, The Vice Photo Book, Font Family


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Plush-o-Rama, Knitting New Mittens & Gloves, Generation T, 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Cross Canada Cooking, Sweet Cravings


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Character Design Collection, How to Draw the Figure, Vanishing Point, Pixelworld, Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings, The Best American Comics 2007


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Some Textbooks. I doubt I’ll get anything out of them.

Thats that! Next I think I will tackle my clothes. Been looking into that “Capsule Wardrobe” stuff. Seems like everyone dresses that way anyway, and just has a hoard of old clothes otherwise.

More Box Office Progress

So here we go again. Close to the end! But I wanted to add an update! We installed some lights and it looks BOMB.

P1015367 P1015368 P1015369

Our moment of truth came through for us! No ditching the lights idea, because it fucking worked like a charm!

Next photos will probably be from the wedding. LATER BITCHES!

The Golden Ramen Pot

So this is also an older post, these pictures were sitting in my camera for a while until I had time to document my findings.

Golden Ramen Pot

I had purchased this pot from the E-Mart down the street from me, and it was only $7 (on sale from $10 I’m sure). Seeing these in many Korean dramas (Dramafever haaay….) and seeing them eat ramen out of this thing, I know I needed this thing. Surprise surprise, I opened it up only to reveal…

Spicy Ramen

Not only one, but TWO, two packages of delicious Shin Ramyun. Apparently the purpose of this pot is specifically only for ramen, as it is thin and heats up quickly.

So I did what any Korean drama loving whore would do and ate my ramen from the lid. It’s nice! You get to cool down the noodles before you eat them. GENIUS.



I basically followed her lead on the recipe, but I did add some fish cakes I had in the freezer and some homemade kimchi hanging out in the fridge.

Ahh ramen. I didn’t finish it, but the Noodle King (aka Chris) finished it off.

Box Office Progress

So it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted anything. My excuse was all this damned planning and building of this box office, while also applying for jobs, doing interviews. freelancing, and also, starting my new job (Yay!). Right now Chris and I are at a point of which we can say that the box office is at a good stage close to completion that I can start to relax and catch up on other things.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to my parent’s place and built up our frame

box office frame

It wasn’t too bad to put together, however the damned thing didn’t really fit in our Mazda6 wagon, so we had to re jig it. We ended up taking the long beam sandwiched in the middle out and having the two rectangle/triangle pieces separated and a free standing middle piece to support the weight. Unfortunately, didn’t mark that progress, but you know. Stuff.

Box office plans

Here’s a photo of the plans that I had created for myself for cutting out the pieces that I needed. Didn’t want to end up needing more foam core, and guess what, I AM FUCKING BOSS AT ESTIMATING MATERIALS. Used all the pieces of foam core. Only a wee bit of left over, but all of our big pieces were taken care of and I didn’t have to Frankenstein together some weird pieces to make one big piece.

Box office painting


This is just an example of some of the painting I did. Also the plans for real size to guestimate how the ping pong balls would look and how many I would need to put around the box office. I also used paint from Dollarama (which is better than the stuff from Dollar Tree FYI).


Box office transfer


So this photo demonstrates how I transferred the images to foam core. I used some Saral wax free yellow transfer paper (of which I got at Mona Lisa’s) which I had for transferring sewing patterns. I just printed out the image from the computer that I made in Illustrator and blew it up to actual size and tiled the pieces together. I then just transferred it using a knitting needle I had lying around. This wax transfer paper worked well. While painting over the guidelines, the yellow did not, not even once, muddy up my paint. I know with pencil/graphite I tend to get those gross greyed out places where the pigment reacts to the paint/binder, so I highly suggest this stuff. It stayed underneath my painting, never to rise again.



This picture is just a progress picture of what I got done before going to work when I couldn’t go to sleep because of worrying about this freaking project.


Box office 90% complete


Now this is a photo of everything coming together. All those fucking circles, I am so happy I did not have to cut them out. I delegated that task to poor chris. I feel bad, but he made those circles perfect. I would have not been (and have not even decently achieved) as successful as Chris was with those things. We ended up getting the Olfa compass circle cutter from Sew Much More to cut these circles out.

Circles. In foam core. FML. Just a sad memory from ACAD I do not want to relive.

We were lucky that we sourced some shitty ping pong balls from Dollar Tree. 8/$1.25, and they were the crappy kind, so they were great for this project. Easy to cut and had a seam in the middle. Not optimum for playing ping pong, but definitely great for crafts. Just wanted to let people know that they had them there since I was concerned about finding something as suitable as ping pong balls for the lights. I also grabbed some led lanterns which will be housed in the box to light these up.


Here’s more photos.


God our living room is a fucking mess. But, it will be cleaned once we’re all finished with this thing and Michelle’s wedding comes up (which is this coming Saturday). The only thing that we need to do from this point on is install the lights, cover the inside with a shit-ton of tin foil and attach those middle pieces, and the starburst, and figure out how to install the diamond with ease for transport. From this point on, probably a good 6 hours, but we’ve decided to take it easy and play some well deserved Mario Kart 8.

I Am SOOOO Glad That This Got Made

My ear obsession right now are podcasts. Man I can listen to those AT ALL TIMES. I think it has to do with the fact that we live in an apartment. Listening and enjoying music is quite difficult when you can’t make a lot of noise because you know your neighbours can hear you. I’m trying to be nice and not belt some old school Joe while cleaning the house, so podcasts are definitely the best.

Look at how crappy this image is. This is how you know how good this show is.

My favourite to listen to right now is How Did This Get Made. It’s HILARIOUS, especially if you love/hate movies. They even have a nice balance between people and opinions, while still having a great laugh at terrible movies. Because of this podcast, I have recently watched such atrocities such as Sharknado, The Super Mario Bros, and Burlesque.


Another goodie that is worthy of your ears is Risk! I personally love it, stories about the human experience from their own point of view that are far beyond anything that is appropriate for This American Life or RadioLab. There’s lots about personal stories of sex, sexual orientation, near death experiences and even outer body experience told first person. I am always interested in the way others perceive the world (for better or for worse) and sometimes it makes you feel pretty good about yourself by making your own feelings more normal. BTW, if you like these guys, they sound poor. Please donate! When I get more monies in the bank (more of a full time job yes) then I will give them some monies.

Caustic Soda Podcast

One of Chris’ favourites (and mine of course) is Caustic Soda. Chris and I listened to Caustic Soda for the majority of our California road trip. Caustic Soda is just a few guys talking about a singular topic (per podcast) giving you the most interesting rundown on these topics from a layman’s perspective. Some of my favourites are Toys that Kill, Rasputin, and Mormonism. They taught me that the backstory/universe of Battlestar Galactica is actually based on the Book of Mormon.

That is all for now! Gotta keep some of the goodies to myself!

Two Tickets to Paradise

This post is actually about the box office I’m creating for our friend’s wedding. I wanted to at least blog and document the process design-y that wasn’t work related. I think it’s interesting to read and look at someone else’s process. Ah yes, James Jean’s Process Recess’ were always one of my favourites. That and that man can make pretty pictures.

To start, the information I was given was what this was for (guest entry, ticket dispensing), and the dimensions. I didn’t fiddle with the measurements at first, but instead wanted to get the feel for this thing so I could get a start on what this thing should be like.

Box Office Sketch 01

I didn’t actually have to do anymore sketches according to the clients. They immediately said yes, this is the box of my dreams. You are a god in human form, carry on.

From this point I was prompted to come up with a budget for this thing. OMG I don’t know how to come up with something like that without coming up with the plans (and thus materials and amounts), so I plowed through an evening coming up building specs and  the amount of materials and prices.

This thing is top heavy (I had already decided on installing lights on top), and so a steady frame would have to be made. These are a few of the sketches of how that would have to come about. Chris helped me immensely on this part, since I hardly work with any wood or structures.

box office sketch 02

We also had to come up with practical use solutions. How tall this should be, ratios, how tall the window should be to be comfortable for all people involved (ticket people/guests). It should be comfortable for average height (being 5’0, I do not fit into this category), has to fit in the space (8 feet ceilings), and has to transportable. So many factors!

We decided the dimensions from these factors and I mocked up a model to scale.

box office sketch 03

Which then corresponded to the computer.


This is the final comp I have come with at the moment. There’s definitely a few more things I need to refine, but I am happy with this result thus far. My plan is to keep it BADASS. I will be keeping up with progress at it comes along!


Attack of the 5″ Woman


Pulp FascinatorFor our friend’s bridal shower, the bride intended everyone to have a fascinator (and win a prize for the best one). Of course, me being me, I cannot let a DIY opportunity pass me by. Lacking funds on purchasing an overpriced centerpiece, I decided to make my own themed fascinator/hat with stuff lying around the house and a couple of items I picked up at the dollar store. I knew before purchasing trinkets that I wanted something pulp/horror themed. When I saw this busted ass doll, I knew I had to use her.


So I took inspiration from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Here’s some sketches. I’d like to think I stayed pretty true to them.

Hat Sketch

Unfortunately, I did not win. :( However I got enough compliments to know that inside my heart I won. Oh nepotism, it’s cool, the groom’s grandmother won it, but they tell me I should have gotten it anyways. That’s all that really matters. That and I made something that people got some enjoyment out of. To me, that’s always the best part.

Materials: Illustration board, print, felt, tweed, pipe cleaners, hot glue, dollar store toys, elastic.

Yummy-yaki Night

Yay! I finally have my camera back! That means I get to add more posts. Unfortunately my galaxy manicure did not survive 2 days, so that will have to be put on the back burner. Anyhoo, here’s some food shots of tonight’s din din.


P1015318 P1015319 P1015322

I will say, this was super delicious.


Guilty Kitchen’s Sunomono salad from here.

No Recipe’s Chicken Teriyaki from here.

and No Recipe’s Spicy Miso Glazed Potatoes from here.


The kimchi was made beforehand (based on Maangchi’s recipe) and the miso soup was just a simple dashi stock + wakame + miso + green onions. No tofu or measuring involved.

I am definitely digging these bowls/cups I got from Kijiji. I pull them out whenever I can. Probably the reason I’m making asian food any chance I get. That, and I love it.

Until next post friends!

The Chiffony Chiffon Dress

Chiffon Dress 2013

So this is also an oldie. Made this back in 2013 for a summer wedding I went to. Don’t know if anyone can tell, but I’m just scrambling feverishly to add content to my blog. I’ve documented a few things that I’ve created and I constantly have to describe them to people. Screw it, so many people have cell phones nowadays, this is just easier, and might as well do it while I have the space on the internet. Refer people to my blog–>become internet famous. Hahahahah, that isn’t how it works, but a girl can dream.


This project is also posted on Craftsy, where the pattern for this is actually based on a dress from there. You can take a whole online class to step by step show you how to make the dress.

This is the original dress that I made in the summer of 2012 for the bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding.

The instructor for this class is AMAZING. She is the reason why I started to do a lot of hand-sewing and basting and using some old school slow ass couture techniques to make my dresses fit me EXACTLY. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their sewing skills.


As for how to make this dress, its the same bodice, and I just added a dirndl skirt to the bottom, and created that as the underlay for the chiffon that I had just hand tacked on (I don’t want to call it draping, I feel like I don’t know how to do that). This is how I economized 1.5m of chiffon. The fabric is actually from my boyfriend’s mother, who bought it while she was in New York and I asked on a whim for her to get me something cool. Man I was hoping for some cotton blends, and once again, whenever I get someone else to get me fabric, its freaking chiffon.

I don’t mind working with the stuff, but I have a hard time cutting it up because it is sooo pretty, and it is so easy to tear, and man I did have a couple of pulls near the side of the bodice. Because the patten of the fabric was so busy, no one saw them, but I knew in my heart of hearts that they were there. I got one more dress that I made as a variant of this pattern (it’s seriously so freaking versatile), and in that one I learned how to pad out the bra so I wouldn’t have to wear a strapless with it, and it worked.

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas; A Reflection Into My Ghetto Past

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Back in the days of being a poor student (circa 2010), Christmas presents had to be.. creative and cheap. Only made sense since.. you know… art school. Anyhoo, $10 Graphic tees from Threadless for everyone (12 people at least) made the most sense.

The packaging (I don’t know how obvious) was inspired by yarn packaging. I printed this out of my printer on kraft paper (which I now know you can get at the dollar store!), and then wrapped together and hole punched for the holes and added some festive yarn to tie it together. I guess the most notable thing about this packaging is my shameless use of the most foul parts of the English language. If anyone knows me well, it’s that I have the mouth of a sailor. The point of these was to look really nice from far away (under the tree), until you actually get up close and realize how horrible these things really were.

Now this has started a trend in the family of getting everyone graphic tees for Christmas. I don’t blame them, it’s cheap and everyone likes to wear t-shirts, even if it ends up being a home shirt. These were done before I really knew how to use my camera (which right now is just.. enough), so I did my best to edit these in Photoshop as best I could otherwise.


I am always up for anything that is delightfully deceiving. Please add a comment on how you’ve been a delightful naughty child.